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  • Air pollution | Big City Problem

    Over the past few months cities all over the world have been on lockdown - stores and factories shutting down, curfews put in place, people not allowed outside past certain times. As human beings were stuck inside, animals started coming out of the shadows. Overgrowth started taking over, waterways had less trash in them, and the air was easier to breathe...

  • How many cigarettes do you smoke a year?

    It depends where you live... 
    • Hong Kong 730 cigarettes each year
    • Seoul 370 cigarettes each year 
    • Singapore 299 cigarettes each year
    • Los Angeles 253 cigarettes each year
    • London 251 cigarettes each year
    • Paris 183 cigarettes each year

    The most dangerous particles in the air are impossible to see with the naked eye. That’s why a lot of people don’t know about the health risks associated with bad air...